Interview integrated on a Vogue Portugal article about the Trashy style and the Pop Culture in the early 2000's.

Written by Beatriz Teixeira for Vogue Portugal August 2018.


At least that´s what Damara Inglês tries to believe in.

Model and student of Fashion Media Practice and Criticism at the London College of Fashion, she grew up absorbing the pop aesthetitics of the 2000’s and trying to recall good exemples, the mind takes her to slightly earlier: from Denis Rodman signing his biography at Barnes and Noble, dressed in a white wedding dress in 1996, to the thong used over trousers by the pop princess Britney Spears on ´Slave 4 U, in 2001.

“These ícones influenced, and still influence my (childish?) vision of social freedom”, she tells Vogue, “those are moments saved in my memory of being and of wearing, moments that impacted my notions of freedom of self-expression and dress.” Or undress. After all we already know how comfortable she is with taking her clothes off, while showing the contours of her body (visit the Instagram account @damara_2.0). Not to shock, but because she wants to, because she can. “Trashy appears as some sort of antagonista culture in relation to the cliché glam of an aesthetic era....

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