Damara Inglês & Ion Leibar for NEO2

Photography: Ion Leibar

Model & Stylist: Damara Ingles

Assistant: Diogo Belizario

M.U.A & Hair: Yurema Villa MAC Cosmetics

While climbing my body like an easy prey, a snake named Mari Carmen once thought me to inhabit the skins we all shed.

She meant not the the skin that covers our fragile bodies,

But the one, that unless naked, we all wear.

The one that folds out of the body but mostly within other societal norms…

Made of cottons, polyesters and rhinestones.

Sequins, trends unethical labour and big dash of statues quo.

The one made of a superficial, but never the less intense, sense of choice - Fashion 

Clothes are lovers to me: one look and I know exactly what I want from them,

Legs shiver to a visitor that knows my bodily soul too well.

Lingerie, Ann Summers. 

I wear it like the moon once wore the American flag, Conquered.

Off-to-the-Moon jacket, Meizifei.

 Fake Pink Hermès bag, adorned with stickers and rabbit keychain, Chengdu Market
Indian Jewellery, London.
High waisted panty, Asa Branca flea market, Luanda.

Denim cutouts, old pair of American Apparel jeans.

Retro futuristic sunglasses urge

To glance at what is to come,

through the lenses of the past.

80’s ruffled shoulders jacketa, Avance Création

Necklace, Anton Heunis.

Skirt, Meizifei.

Tight high leather boots, Unisa adorned with scraps of a jewellery box.

Sunglasses, Feira da Ladra, Lisboa. 

Vintage clothing simmultanously contemplates the past

and adorns the now.

Razzle dazzle 80’s sequin jacket, Lawrence Kazar

Blue petrolleoum 00’s trousers, Versace. 

Denim belt as top.

Earrings, Brixton Market. 

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