Round Table: Immersive Talks IMMERSIVE KIND | Fashion Future and Consumption | BRIFW 2020

Symbiotic_Wear suffers yet another mutation on a collaboration with Immersive Kind and BRIFW Brasil Immersive Fashion Week 

Immersive Kind is an extended-reality collective and community that aims at to revise meta-narratives and make the fields of Fashion and Technology more diverse, inclusive and disruptive. Founded by Lucy Wheeler

and Kadine James.

Together we have produced a limited edition extended reality lens for Instagram users for Brazil Immersive Fashion Week.

50 users will be granted access to a digital couture extended reality garment created by Damara

AR experience: an opportunity to photograph yourself in digital couture by emerging fashion tech cyborg / designer Damara Inglês. Time of #drop to be announced soon! 💥

Symbiotic Wear was initially designed as part of the Fabric Of Reality Immersive Fashion show, on a collaboration with SUTU

and exhibited at the Museum of Other Realities. Having in mind its symbiotic nature, this garment quickly adapts and shifts to convey different messages through diverse mediums. Here Symbiotic_Wear has been adapted to the Ethos of the Immersive Kind

and it’s colours express the vivacity of the collaboration between Extended-Reality Fashion Designer Damara Inglês and the Immersive Kind Collective.”
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