About Me

Damara Inglês

Fashion Media practitioner and Curator of Digital and Interactive Experiences.

Recent graduate on the (BA) Fashion Media Practice and Criticism on the London College of Fashion, University of Arts London. Where I’ve acquired skills such as: research and trend forecasting, critical and innovative thought regarding fashion and technology, academic writing, concept development and campaign completion.

My creative work often focuses on blurring the binary of physical/material and virtual/digital, and in how the digital identity is ever more crucial to the contemporary sense of self. 

The ‘Modual: Immersive’ workshop, developed by Fred Deakin and the Digital Collective Makers was 2 weeks long immersive workshop took place at the Somerset House. Our team developed ‘Kintsugi’, a fully immersive and subscription-based Virtual Reality meditation room, it was conceived and exhibited at the Somerset House, London. Click here

The LCF x Microsoft Fashion Futures program, a collaboration between the Fashion Innovation Agency and Microsoft, were I learned basics of Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and specialised in Mixed-Reality during a 3 months workshop. Our them developed ‘Hololux’, a holographic multi-brand luxury store of curated fashion experiences, received the Commendation for Excellence in Mixed-Reality Innovation by Microsoft. Click here

I applied the technical skills achieved on these experiences to the critical framework of the degree. The BA project ‘Vintage Ghost’ curates the virtual the aura of  an obsolete object. A mixed-reality experience that enables the audience to meet the ghosts that inhabit a vintage dress. Click here

As part of my MA I have developed Plethora: Can augmented reality be used to update garments and their content, so that it remains relevant and inclusive to the consumer, without further material waste? Plethora is a line of Augmented Reality Wearables, that uses technology to update garments in the same way that it updates software. This project relies on a subscription-based service, consumers purchase a garment and update it through the app, using in-app purchases. Plethora was exhibited on the  Digital_Edge , at the Somerset House. Click here 

The Kering Award 2019 in collaboration with LCF and the Centre for Sustainable Fashion, was a 4 months professional level competition were I received mentorship from Gucci/Kering and Sustainability and Innovation experts. The final project is shortlisted Top 10 and still awaiting results.

In 2017 I had an internship on Madrid based Ponytale Magazine, a feminist online and print publication that puts art, fashion and other creative sectors in debate with contemporary feminist practices. Here I learned skills of the print media and social media.

As a freelancer, I’ve acquired professional-level fashion experience in the areas of art direction and styling, contemporary theatre and short- film wardrobe production and as fashion writer.

Previously, I attended a level III professional degree of Fashion Design, in the Lisbon School of Fashion - Magestil.

Based in London.


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