Can augmented reality be used to update garments and their content, so that it remains relevant and inclusive to the consumer, without further material waste?

Post-wear is to dress the extension of us that is solely expressed through the digital.
Plethora urges to communicate the urgency of new fashion practices. Because of its environmental impact. Because it ought to explore creative ways to adorn the virtual body when performed of on a digital stage, for a virtual audience.

This project uses technology to “hack” into, or update the contemporary tendencies of fashion consumption. By disrupting the ways in which fashion is worn and expressed, our aim is to expand the guidelines in which fashion is conceptualised, designed and produced.

Here the Plethora logo can be printed on different garments/surfaces: t-shirt, cap, tote bag, vintage pieces and even make-up.

It takes up to 2,700L of water to grow enough cotton for one single t-shirt and 15,000L to a pair of jeans.

Plethora urges to communicate the urgency of new fashion practices and to explore creative ways to adorn the digital body without further material waste.
This project foresees AR as a tool to expand the lifetime of fashion garments, by limiting the material consumption of re-dressing the virtual body.
But above it all to criticise the current fashion system by making it more accessible in materiality, more inclusive in discourse, and in fashion in relation to sustainable practices.

Here the Plethora logo was printed onto different garments.

Chuwei is feeling homesick, so she sent me the video of a blissful childhood memory. 

The video is an homage to a late Chinese singer.
Chuwei watched this performance on television, I imagined that as any child she would stare too close to the TV and used beams of light to represent it. The video was screen recorded and edited into the 4 layers of media, each represents a different part of the song.
This piece was meant to be an earring, as it carries music, but as Chuwei tried it on it gained a different meaning.

Here the Plethora logo was printed onto Chuwei's eyelid (make-up).

Richard is an opera sound composer, if he could wear anything he would like to wear his music.

Richard sent me the 10minutes song and I used a music visualisation website to illustrate it.
After I cuted the video into smaller portions of one minute. Each planets carries a specific video that plays a part of the song, meaning that if the camera moves closer to one object, its sound becomes louder. This way Richard is able to wear 10 minutes of music, in one minute of recording.

Here the Plethora logo was printed onto Richard's jumper.

Who wore this vintage garment before me? What connects us? Vintage Ghosts re-interprets (vintage) garments as potential gallery spaces, where their story, cultural context and social values are exposed, via Virtual Reality.

Here the Plethora logo was printed onto a Vintage 1960’s Sequined Pink Long Cheongsam.

The Digital Soul is ‘born’ from the moment one logs-in into a social-media platform or indulges on a simple Google search, it is the identity one embodies on the everyday interaction with digital devices. It is dependent on interaction, and presence, within virtual environments. Above it all, similarly to most digital data, it is theoretically immortal.

    Here the Plethora logo was printed onto a hat. 

How many brands can Plethora fit onto one single t-shirt? Like a screen, it can project different logos, themes and animations.

Here the Plethora logo was printed onto a top.

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